Using 6gal ShopVac to empty 250gal fishpond


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Using 6gal ShopVac to empty 250gal fishpond

Each Spring we empty our 250gal fishpond with our 6gal ShopVac (mod 87708-07). It is a tedious challenge since there is no drain port to continuously drain. Is there a way to create one without damaging the Vac? We've tried using a hose draining system with our drill but the drill (2) batteries don't last long enough to drain the entire pond in one session.
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Why wouldn't you just buy/use a small 120v pump ?
One designed for a pool cover would be ideal. They start around $30.

A ShopVac wasn't designed to move a lot of water. It was designed to remove residual water from the floor.
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You could siphon the water out of the pond if you have a nearby area with grade level lower than the bottom of the pond.
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A small 1/6 hp utility pump would be ideal for this application.
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For $20 you can get a 12vdc 500GPH bilge pump. Just hook it up to a battery.

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