Questions from a Fountain Newbie...

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Questions from a Fountain Newbie...

Dear Pros,

We moved into an old house several years ago, and it has an old non-functioning (until recently pretty nasty) fountain in the back yard. I'd really like to try to resurrect it, and while I think I understand some of the basics, there are some other things that elude me.

I've attached a photo of how it looked in it's heyday... with a "ring" of sprayers for your reference. I've also attached a photo of the approximately 8' wide base and the approximately 5 foot tall tiered cast iron fountain part... I'm planning a much more reserver "tube up the middle" effect through the hollow tiered part, that will allow the water to cascade from one level to the next...

I've already trenched GFCI outlet and a 1/2" hose bib to the concrete base of the base.

My specific question.

I have the submersible pump, the 1/4" plastic tube of the auto-filler and the 16/2 gauge of the submersible lights I'm getting all to get THROUGH a hold of some sort in this 8' fiberglass disc. I'm guessing I COULD go all the way to the perimeter under and over and back to the tiered fountain, but that will look junky, so I'm really looking for a way to through the fountain disc.

I'm thinking I'll cut a hole big enough for the electrical plugs on the non-wet side of things, then get a rubber cork of that diameter - say 1in. or so... then drill a hole/channel big enough to just put the wires in, then plug the hole, silicone the whole deal and call it a day? Will that work?

I'm tempted to try, but don't want to mess up this nice fiberglass base if someone tells me my plan is a bad one..

Please advise! I really appreciate any help in advance!


PS - I just added one more image of the "tiered" water effect that I'm hoping to accomplish...

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I had a friend with a similar request. What I did for him is to drill a hole in the fiberglass basin and install a PVC flange with stainless steel hardware. Then I added a stub of PVC pipe that was just over the water level. The lines can be removed while the basin is full. The flange and pipe run from 1" to 4". I think I used 1-1/2".

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BRILLIANT! Thank you! That's a solution that I wasn't thinking of but would make a lot of sense.. I'll try it out!

Thanks again!

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