Cleaner for whirlpool tub

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Cleaner for whirlpool tub

What's the best product to use to clean a whirlpool tub? I usually just pour bleach in the tub filled with water and let the jets run for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, there's still some soap scums at the bottom and on the sides afterwards. Can someone recommend a good cleaner?
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My mom has tried just about everything, well maybe not everything, but she still hand scrubs hers, plus removed the jets to clean them thoroughly. No matter what she uses, the jets never seem to get cleaned out and end up with black and red molds.

Maybe others have found something that works without having to go to that much trouble. If so, I would love to share it with my mom.

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Try using liquid Cascade dishwasher detergent. It works fine in my American Standard whirlpool tub. It has bleach in it, and also will break up soap scum. Put in about 1/4 to 1/2 cup and run for 15 minutes.

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Ditto on the dishwashing detergent, that's what the owners manual to my Jacuzzi tub recommends. It suggests liquid, as it disolves better than the powders at bathtub temps (even if it's on all hot, which my owners manual specifically warns against).
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Thanks guys. I will let her know. If she has tried this and it hasn't worked for her, I will post what she owns, what she's tried and the results.

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Cleaning whirlpools

This is a cleaning question that produces much controversy. The manufacturers of whirlpools cannot agree upon an appropriate cleaning method. Research tends to show that bleach, dishwasher detergent, and other household cleaners are ineffective. An EPA approved disinfectant is recommended. These can be purchased at a local spa supplier.

An annual professional cleaning and disinfecting is recommended for residential whirlpools
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