Cartridge Filter vs. DE Filter

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Cartridge Filter vs. DE Filter

Our DE filter recently cracked it's lid and because it was old and past it's 10-year warranty date, it was just as expensive to replace the filter as it would have been to replace the discontinued lid... We opted for a cartridge filter (mainly at the suggestion of a retailer). Since the pool had been without a filter for about 2 weeks, the algae and dirt build up was pretty bad. We've shocked it and the algae seems to be completely gone, but there's a milkiness to the water at the deep end (can't see the drain), tho the shallow end seems to be clear.

We were told to run the filter continuously until it cleared up as the cartridge filter would take much longer than the DE filter... it's been running for 5 days straight and, eventho, it's clearing up a very little bit, it's still milky. Any suggestions on what to do next... Drain it and start over, vacuum it (tho we don't have a vacuum so any suggestions on that would help), hose off cartridges???. Our Pool Chemical company rep. suggested that we go back to DE filter, but that is not an option since we've already spent big-bucks on the new cartridge filter...

In conclusion, what is the difference between a cartridge filter and a DE filter besides what I've already learned through experience?

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About two years ago I chucked my cartridge filter in favor of DE. I'll switch back when somebody puts a gun to my head and not before. My main objective in switching was my algae problem; it kept clogging up the filter element and I couldn't seem to get rid of it regardless of the attention I paid to cleaning, chemical balance, and application of algaecides. With the DE we have "0" algae, the water is so clear I can drop a dime in the deep end and tell you heads-or-tails, and maintenance is practically nothing.

Since going to DE is not an option for you, I think you have two choices. Keep treating the water with assorted clarifiers, etc. and keep pulling the elements and hosing them or, if it was me, drain the entire pool, clean it well, and refill. This will of course be time consuming and could be expensive depending on where you are and what you pay for water.

I'm curious why the retailer suggested element type. Was he overstocked?

My $.02 worth.

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