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Our jacuzzi water jets are not working properly. It seems if we plug a couple, the other ones work better, or if we blow into the tube, it also works better. After plugging, it will blurp a couple of times like it is trying to work. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like something is stopped up. What does the owner's manual say about cleaning periodically? Or, pressure to the pool is impeded by a leak somewhere or a partially closed valve.
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Talking Airlock??

Your symtom sounds like an airlock inside the pump or inside plumbing. Did you drain & fill the tub lately??
Try the following.

Look closely around pump housing and filter housing. There must be a vent plug.
-Let your motor run about 30 seconds
-Stop motor and crack open the vent plug(s) until you hear hissing
-Close the plugs as soon as water starts coming out
-Turn on the motor again and check the jets
-If some of them are still sluggish, repeat above steps.

If above steps don't do any good, then you may conclude that you have a blockage in your plumbing somewhere.
Check the filters and make sure they're in good shape.
Also, check your push-pull valves to make sure all of them are fully open.

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