Removing stains from vinyl liner

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Removing stains from vinyl liner

I recently bought a house with an inground pool. Supposedly, the pool wasn't opened at all last summer. We took the cover off and, as expected, the water was extremely murky (looks just like a lake). There are dark stains around the vinyl liner that I cannot get off. I've tried diluted muriatic acid, TLC cleaner, some vinyl cleaner, and diluted algae killer. I've only been successful at scrubbing off the design on the liner. I have yet to top off the pool (I want to get the stains off first) so I haven't shocked it or put chlorine in as the pump is not on yet. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to get rid of these dark stains????? Do you think the stains will fade when I turn the pump on and start shocking it like crazy???? As a side note, I hear from my neighbors that last summer, the city came out 2 times and put some type of mosquito killer in the pool, but I have no idea what was used. I'm thinking this may be what has stained the pool.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!! I'm not ready to spend a couple grand on a new liner!!!
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Pool Stains


I suggest filling the pool ! Turn on the pump and put the opening chemicals in. Algecide , bring the chlorine to optimal and let them do the work. I have found that most stains will diapear. Your only other alternative is to have a new liner installed.

Good resource:
Specialty Pool Products

Hoe this helps
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Thanks for the reply Jerry. I have since topped off the pool and started the pump. I've put shock, algecide, and scale remover in the pool. I've vaccumed it every day (it was super murky) and brush the walls. Now, I'm having problems getting the water to clear up!!! I put in a super clarifier last evening and this morning it was still cloudy!! So, I can't see the sides to know if the stains are even fading. But, have no fear, I'll will get it cleared up, some how, some day. I'll update this post when I get the water cleared up, but if anyone else has any tricks up their sleeve, please share them!!

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