Automatic Pool Cleaner ??s


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Automatic Pool Cleaner ??s

I bought a house with an above ground pool. Not a big fan of it, but every now and then it's nice. Since I don't use it very often, I'd like to get an automatic cleaner that will take away some of the maintenance issues. What should I consider? My main problem is dirt that sinks to the floor and "scum" developing on the walls. Thoughts?
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Well, I have an inground pool, so I can't relate a whole lot to aboveground pools other than the fact that using an automatic Polaris-type of cleaner does great at sucking up all the big chunks, worms, and whatever else sinks to the bottom. It doesn't do anything to the floaters like a field rat that somehow managed to get in and drown itself one day.

However, the fine silt/sand particles that don't get trapped by the collection bag ends up being kicked up and blown around in the water making it somewhat of a murky mess.

So I end up using one of those manual vacuum deals on wheels which plugs into the pool suction line and sucks everything straight into the main filter. Seems to work...

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pool cleaners

I have used the kreepy krauly for 14 years now. and would not be with out it. All dirt and junk goes in to the filter. The ony diff. in them for an inground pool and a vinyl above ground pool is the head on it thats all. all I can say is get one less work more play ED

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