Leak in IG pool.


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Unhappy Leak in IG pool.

I think I have a leak aroun my pool steps. Water level about 2" above pool floor @ steps. Do the steps have a gasket ? or is there a product that I can seal around the steps ?

Thanks to any responder
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I have an inground pool with a leak as well. I can't really answer your questions, but I noticed that you said you "think" you have a leak. A good way to find out for sure (this is how I did it), is take a bucket and place it on the steps going into your pool. Fill the bucket up to the same level as the water in the pool (you may have to weigh down the bucket so it doesn't float away - I used rocks). Give it a day and check the bucket. If the pool water level is below the water level in the bucket, then you have a leak. You might want to try this one day with your pump running and another day with the pump off to make sure that it's the liner that's leaking and not the plumbing.

Since you think it's around your pool steps, take the Ph reagent and squirt it around the steps (turn the pump off when you do this). If the reagent gets sucked in around the steps, then there is a leak there. If it just stays put, then it's not leaking there. You might also want to try this around the jets and skimmer.

Now, I've tried all of this and unfortunately, I can't find the darn leak. I noticed you were from the Indy area, and I am too!! I just called someone that does leak detection (I had to leave a message though). I really don't want to put his name and number on this site to protect his identity, but I will tell you that I called Pools of Fun in Plainfield and they gave me the guys name.

I hope you have better luck than me in finding your leak!! If it is around your steps, I'm sure they make some kind of sealer or epoxy or something. Good luck!
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Pool Leak

Jabby thanks a bunch for the tips I will try both of them when I turn on the pump and i will let you Know> I live in Greenwood In.

Thanks againfor the post

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