shock vs chlorine

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shock vs chlorine

What is the difference between shock and granular chlorine besides price?
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Not an expert (only had my tub a month), but I think normally when people refer to "shock" they are referring to a non-chlorine shock. The one typically used in hottubs is something called MPS (don't remember what it stands for). It seems some use MPS, some simply use a higher dose of chlorine to shock. I think the idea is to oxidize all the dead bacteria from your sanitizer, and also all the stuff that comes off a person in the water.
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A shock treatment adds 5.0 to 10.0 ppm free available chlorine. This is a concentrated blast of chlorine. This requires staying of of pool until chlorine returns to 1-3 ppm. If what you use, says you can swim immediately after shocking, it is not a chlorine shock but an oxidizer.

There are products that are both an oxidizer and a sanitizer. A sanitizer kills bacteria and algae. An oxidizer removes organic contaminants. A product that contains chlorine will do both.

Pick the same day each week to shock your pool. Heavy bather use and lots of sunshine make shock treatment necessary. The best time to shock is after the sun goes down, so the chlorine doesn't have to compete with the sunshine and it has more time to restore water clarity while you are sleeping.

Shock treatments are usually done when the pool is opened and closed, as well as weekly to keep the pool safe and clear. Following instructions in owner's manual is always best and making friends with your local supply dealer is helpful too.
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I use plain household bleach for shocking and chlorinating our pool. Using that method, it is 1000% cheaper than using the "pool chemicals" which are more expensive. The key here is the active ingredient which is the same is household bleach and the various brands of shock. The thing to avoid are the perfumed bleaches and other fluff that they sometime put into it. I use the Ultra bleach from Wal-Mart, which is 6% sodium hypochlorite. I use the bleach calculator that I downloaded from, but you can also find online bleach calculators by doing a google search.

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