cleaning calcium off tiles


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cleaning calcium off tiles

We have a grey gunite pool with 6x6 slate tiles at the waterline. Over the past few years, the tiles have become white from the calcium in the water.
I know that muriatic acid will clean this off, but i am afraid to use it as it may dmage the gray plaster just below the tiles (underwater).
Are there any tricks to cleaning these tiles without damaging the plaster? Thanks.
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Natural stone products should be cleaned with products recommended for them. Acidic cleaners should be avoided. Any cleaner should be tested in inconspicuous place before proceeding. There are limestone cleaners available that will remove mineral deposits. You may be successful doing it yourself with the proper cleaner and super fine steel wool or ScotchBrite pad. See one such product at
International Stone Works has a mineral deposit remover at

If in doubt, contact a professional who has the proper cleaners and grinders to remove mineral buildup. Once cleaned, it may be helpful to use a penetrating sealer. Some areas tend to have more minerals in the water, so your control of mineral buildup will be an ongoing problem.

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