Pools and Frogs...a nightmare


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Pools and Frogs...a nightmare

My pool is the mating ground of about a million frogs. The chirping is so loud it's almost deafening. I go out at night and they're swimming around in the pool, hanging out on the deck and patio, etc. Anyone have a way to get rid of these beasts????
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I have the same problem with earthworms only they don't make noise. After every rain or dewey morning there are about 50 dead worms in the bottom of our pool!

I would make sure you keep your chlorine levels high to hopefully kill the frogs in their infant stages. Try 5-10 ppm or so and see if that helps. That level is still safe for humans, dogs, etc., but may be fatal for frogs. That may not work, but it is the only thing I can think of trying.

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