Hot tub wiring questions. Possible Wg?


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Hot tub wiring questions. Possible Wg?

I've got a used "portable" hottub that I am installing at my house. I have read NEC Article 680, and quite a view posts on this and other forums, so I only have a couple questions left.

The spa controller/heater has GFI on it, and it's a 120/240V controller, with outlets to run the pump and air machines.

First of all, I plan on running the electrical wire (probably THWM, as I understand it) from the breaker box through the wall to outside, and directly under a wood deck. The hot tub will be sitting on a concrete slab on the other side of the deck. Can I run the cable through some type of conduit attached to one of the joists of the deck, or does it need to be buried?

Secondly, do I need to have another disconnect, i.e. on the wall where it exits the house (26ft away from the spa), or is the integrated GFI on the spa controller enough to meet code for maintenance?

Thanks in advance,
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Electrical connections for spa.

I would check the recomendations for you unit. These usually can be found on the electrical connection box cover on the unit of the spa. As far as the wire requirements go. Double check the amps needed for your unit to operate. The 120/220v usually means that you can hook it up either way...120v or 220v. Check the wiring diagram on the unit. The gfI on the unit means what type of designated power source is required for your unit.
You will need to have a ground fault breaker at the EL box just for that unit alone. All wiring near the spa will need to be non-metalic & water tight.
Most areas require the conduit to be burried. If you have a distance over 25 feet from the home to the spa you will need to have that conduit burried, plan to have a connection box near the spa for installing a non-metalic connector box for a 6 ft water tight wip to run from this to the spa. If a pool/spa supply place is available they can also answer recomendation questions for your unit as well.
Good luck! Be carefull

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"All wiring near the spa will need to be non-metalic...."

Do you use nylon or polypropylene wire? Wooden wire?

sorry :-), I couldn't resist
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MY Bad

Non-Metalic.....I meant the conduit covering the wire......
I am truely sorry for the mistake, My mind has been preoccupied with my Father's health. He has cancer and I have been out of state to care for him and my Mom who is also ill. This was helping me take some of this load off my mind. I faulted, Sorry.

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