Wanted: Advice on opening pool.

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Unhappy Wanted: Advice on opening pool.

Hi everyone!!

I am first time home buyer, closed on a home about a week ago. Among other things, pool is one thing that appears to need immediate attention. The sellers claimed they used the pool last season. Below is a summary of the pool's condition:

1. It is has remained covered with vinyl cover since last season.

2. No removal of debris was done since then, causing lot of leaves/debris to soak in the water contained by the cover.

3. The water is dark brownish green in color from soaked leaves/debris, resulting in a great breeding ground for mosquitoes/insects.

4. I don't know the condition of the pump/filter.

I did contact a few pool companies in the neighbourhoold, (a) being the pool season, all of them are busy, (b) they don't do servicing/maintenance.

I would like to recondition the pool. Any insight on how to approach this is greatly appreciated.
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1- buy a test kit. i use the aqua chem brand that requires using the chemicals instead of the strips.
2- Check your ph
3- balance the ph
4- buy the appropriate amount of algacide for the amount of water (make sure you get the multiple algae type)
5- after everything is dead vacum and dip out everything that you can
6- add water back to the pool
7- retest the ph
8- shock the pool
9 - this should get you on the roaad to a good start, but remember there is a lot of maint. on a pool You must constantly check the ph and free chlorine levels.
Also you need to see if any of the pool and spa places have classes on how to caare for your pool, because there is a lot of normal everyday things that I just don't have room to cover.
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The one thing that you definately have to do is make sure that you totally clean the pool cover when you take it off.
Spread it out on the driveway and scrub it front and back using cleaner.
And make sure that the cover is completely dry after cleaning it before folding it up for storage.
Same goes for the waterbags that are used to hold the cover in place for the winter, if they have them on the edges of the cover.
Take the cover off in stages.
First skim all the debris you are able to off the cover so that it doesn't clog the pump.
You need to pump the water off the cover.
I am assuming that the people you bought the house from would have all the equipment you will need to open the pool, and they should have the pump.
Just place the pump in the pool cover and turn it on. Just keep an eye on the water level and make sure that the pump is always covered with water and isn't clogged.
Keep skimming the debris off when it's revealed as the water level goes down.
After you have as much water off the cover as you can get with the pump you can remove the cover. You will need someone to help you at this point.

We basically start at one end, one person on either side of the pool, grabone end of the cover and walk it down to the other end of the pool so that the cover is folded in half, then go back to the end of the cover (usually about the middle of the pool) grab that and walk it down to the other end, and just keep doing that until the cover is off. The last little bit will be the heaviest because there will be water collected in the last bit of cover (no matter how well you think you've drained the cover, there is always quite a bit of water left )
Remove the water bags as you go along. If you remove them all at once the cover will slip into the pool, and you don't want that.
The waterbags at the ends of the pool should stay on until you are done folding. If you remove the waterbags on the end of the pool before folding you will just end up dumping the cover water into the pool and you don't want that either.
good luck!

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Thanks a lot!!

Thanks a lot folks. The specific points of caution mentioned in both the replies are invaluable. I will definitely benefit from this. Thanks again!!

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