magnetek pump


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magnetek pump

i have a magnatek pump. Recently the pump itself has jammed and is overloading the motor causing it to shutdown. The pump will not even turn.
I have been able to ascertain that it is the pump portion of the system and not the motor.

My question is...
Does anyone know how to remove the pump from the motor???

I assure you that I can not figure it out.
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If you haven't disassembled the pump from the motor, how can you possibly determine that the pump and not the motor is the problem??

Typically the impeller unscrews from the motor (usually counter clockwise), then the pump housing unbolts from the motor.
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how do you do it?

Hi I have a Proline 1.5 hp pump and need to replace the seal.
How would I unscrew the impeller. It seems very frigile material.
Thanks in advance
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dr spa,

The bolts, when removed, will allow the pump housing to spin.
I can tell that the bearings on the motor arbor are good and as I said I have checked the electrical input/output and there are no other signs of problems, I must come to the conclusion that the aerroator/impeller is the problem. It seems that the bearing behind the impeller/aerator is shot.

Thanks for the assist on how to take it off.
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Interesting way to go about diagnosis :-)

Behind the impeller is a shaft seal. If the pump is run without water it can overheat and melt. That could in fact be the problem.

quadcells, yes it can be VERY dificult to unscrew the impeller without damaging or breaking it.

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