Anyone out there with a pond?


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Anyone out there with a pond?

Anyone have tips on inexpensive ways to keep pond water (with fish) clear?

I have a preformed 150 pond with a large pump filter/fountain with an addiitonal small pump/filter for the waterfall. I have had a hard time getting rid of algae - after two treatments, it keeps coming back.

The pet store has suggested an algae "light filter" (about $150), but I'd really like to spend less money.

I have two algae eaters and 4 small-ish goldfish as well as a catfish in the pond now...At least I think I do, I can't see them!

If you've had this problem and figured out how to remedy it, please let me know.

Thank you
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I use a pond clearer for less than $10 a 10oz bottle. It will last awhile with once a week treatment.

What really helps to keep it clear is don't feed those little crtters everyday. The more you feed them, the more they crap. the more algae you'll have. Try not feeding them for a couple weeks and use a clearer that can be purchased from Lowes store. There is plenty of junk on the ponds floor, walls, and filter they can chow down on.

Throw extra shade producing plants in the pond and I even have shade plants around it to help cut the sun from activating those little algae critters.

Try it. You'll be as supprised as I was after fighting green slim for several years.
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go to a pet store and get some algae killer. there are stronger chemicals but i would not recommend them if you have fish.
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I don't know about a pond, but the algae killer stuff from the pet store (as maadi mentions)works wonders in my daughter's fish aquarium. Just follow the directions...for the killer we have, you need to remove any activated charcoal in the filter, or it will remove the active ingredient in the algae killer.

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