Taking out an inground swimming pool


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Taking out an inground swimming pool

I have a vinyl 20 x 40 inground pool that I want to get rid of. What is the procedure to do this. With mosquito season coming can I drain it completely. I have a large shop located next to the pool will there be a problem if I drain all the water out of it??
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your way up there and Im way down here. BUT ,we do have a code here for when you said you have a shop by the pool . Its like how close? could the dirt give way on you??does the pool have a wall?can you have fill there and then pump it out and put the fill in right away ?Id say it all in how close is the shop to the pool. ED
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Pool deconstruction

Call your local Building Inspector to see if you have to have a permit for deconstruction. Typically, structure is removed. You may need a special permit or special pick up from the local refuse agency for them to pick up or for you to deliver the structure to the local dump. Then, you will need to arrange to have someone deliver soil to fill in the pool impression in the landscape. Top soil is preferred because you will need to reseed and incorporate the area back into your landscape. As the area settles in, you may need to have the soil folks make an extra delivery to fill in depressions, if you do not have the fill in compacted as you go. You will also need to disconnect and disservice any electrical or plumbing going to pool Discussing your plans with a local pool service company may be a wealth of advice and references, and/or they may be willing to do the job for you.

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