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Unhappy no chlorine level

I have been trying to get my above ground pool in service for 4 weeks but I can't get the chlorine level up. I did have an algae problem when starting, treated that and cleaned the filter daily for a week. I have taken water samples to two different pool stores and all they say is that there is no chlorine, both free and total (the rest of the pool is in balance). I have added 12 bags (over many days) of shock in all and kept the pool stocked with chlorine tablets. My cartridge filter (3rd season) shows no significant increase in pressure and I even have better circulation than most of last year. The pool is a little cloudy, though the sample looks clear, and is vastly better than at the beginning of all this. We have had an absolute ton of rain this year. What to do?
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I would get your own small test kit that small 4 in 1 and use it. The rain has the pool been overflowing and you lost lots of water? HD has a water clarifier from Pool Time that I use all the time its only $4 a bottle its very good. I also use the liquid chlorine from the pool companys here its 10%and they have it in 2 1/2 gal return bottles. You sure your filter is ok after 3 years ED
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How are you dispensing your chlorine tablets? In a floater? in a automatic feeder? what size tablets? Is there a high bather load?
Water could be cloudy for several reasons like, high PH high total alkalinity, insuficiant circulation, not enough free availible chlorine, particles in suspension. Since you say all the other test are within normal readings then your problem would probably be poor circulation, not enough chlorine or particles in suspension. Chlorine disipates real fast the warmer the pool is and if it is in full sun all day. I personally would make sure the pump is working correctly and make sure the chlorine is dispensing correctly if your using tablets. I would prefer to use Les Ultra Bright Pool Clarifier rather than HD's, that is just my preference and either should do okay. If you answer these questions would be better to help you.

Remember it is better to add chlorine at dusk.


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