Dirt Returning to Pool


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Dirt Returning to Pool

I know a little dirt is returning to the pool because the strainer screen for the Polaris sweeper collects it. I have a DE filter with eight elements how do I determine which element(s) is/are faulty. About how much should a replacement element cost? Thanks
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Have you cleaned the elements? They could be so dirty that they aren't filtering anymore. Remove the filter assembly and inspect it. It should look (if it looks like mine) like a bunch of curved filters in a wagon wheel pattern. They should be coated with what looks like sand and dirt. Look for tears and that will point out your problem. These filter screens are $$$ though. $60 each comes to mind, but I may be off. They are also different sizes so you have to get the right one. If you take the filter totally apart, BE SURE to put it back together in the right order, as this is important in the filtering process somehow. If you do clean it and you didn't know, you have to add DE through the skimmer afterwards to coat the filters again. My filter takes 7 pounds and they do make a handy dandy DE 1 pound scoop, to make it pretty idiot proof. You should refer to your filter documentation to see how much DE you have to add.

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