Hot tub placement code questions?


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Hot tub placement code questions?

Well I guess these are code questions. i am getting a tub for free and have been spending some time planning this process out.

My ideal placement is in the attached picture(sorry for poor quality) at spot number 1. I would be cutting the deck out and dropping the tub to the ground in its existing frame and trimming around it. To do this I was told buy the manufacture to put a layer of sand and then some paving stones to sit the tub on it level.

However now I have realized another issue that may or may not be an issue. In possition number 1 yyou can see my meter just left of the window. My panel is inside in the basement just below that meter, putting the tub there will place the meter above the tub, making it a bit more difficult to read and I don't know the code on having a tub of water there where all the electrical is. Anyone know?

The fall back is possition number 2 and then build the deck around it later. There is a bit less privacy here due to the shrubery on the side yard, but still some.

ANy ideas or oppinions?
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Talking Neither

I,too took a long time to figure out the best spot for my hot tub when I bought it 5 yrs ago.
In my opinion, neither #1 nor #2 is a best choice.

Per code, you cannot have any electrical component within 5 feet from the edge of the tub. #1 already violates this code.
Plus, common sense won't allow a hot tub filled with high conductor of electricity nearby a meter/main panel. They're not a good combination. Psychological wise, this will be a butterfly in your stomach as long as you own this tub in that location.

#2 doesn't seem to have any illegality to put a tub there.
It's just that it'll be too close to the wooden fence as well as a tree. You'll have to deal with bugs, snails and leaves.

I'll pick the front right corner of the deck. You can either cut out the deck and drop the tub in, or leave the deck but pour a concrete foundation right in front of the railing to the size of tub bottom and settle the tub on it (you can cut out the railing for the access from the deck side)
My choice will be the latter because I hate to waste my deck space. I'll rather sacrifice my lawn space.

If the privacy is a big factor, you can surround your tub with some wood panels and lattice on top.

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