relocating an outdoor spa


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relocating an outdoor spa

I have an outdoor, above ground 92" diameter spa that I need to move to another location. The spa was already installed when I bought the house so I do not have documentation. The spa looks like it was set on what looks like wet concrete so it could be leveled exactly. Two initial questions: 1. can the spa be separated from the concrete without damaging the spa and 2. what is the best way to lift it. Is it possible to turn it on its edge or does it need to remain level? I'm open to any ideas or suggestions. Thanks.
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An empty spa weighs in around 900 pounds. If you and your buddies can wrestle that weight, you are 3/4 of the way there.

Knew a guy who rolled a round spa out of the lady's yard. She wasn't happy. Nothing happened to the spa, but she wasn't happy.
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spa move

just read your post, first off check the overall condition of the wood frme that surrounds and supports the spa id thats in good shape, great if not youll have to reinforce it maby even cut out existing bad rotted boards, 2 x2 ? 2 x 3 ? whatever, next is the spa supportig wood imbedded into the coccrete ? if so it may be time to call a professional, if not, if the spa pak you know the controls/ pump/ skid is securly bolted to the supporting woodwork great drain the spa raise the spa with the equipment on the bottom to drain out the air channels and then you can either place the spa on a dolly and move it, if the ground is uneven cut a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood and move the spa from the first sheet to the second and then move the the first sheet of plywood and continue on in like manner, another way is to cut 2 " scd. 40 PVC apx 1 to 2 ft. longer than the spa is wide place 2 or 3 pieces of cut PVC under and roll that baby having a buddy place other sections of PVC in front of the spa and keep rolling.

lol steve

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