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hot tub

we own a 4-year old a jacuzzi hot tub and, for the first time, want to drain it & keep it empty during the winter. I plan to use a shop-vac to draw as much water as possible from the lines, but what else do I need to do?
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Talking Drain & Seal

Make sure you remove ALL water from plumbing too. Those PVC pipes do not withstand well to a mighty expansion force from freezing water. Do you have a hardshell cover?? If you don't, you should get one(One with a tightening straps). Cover the top tight to keep the shell from freezing wind and unwanted bugs, snails.....etc.
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Most spa techs wouldn't recommend keeping an empty spa in the winter. Hate to say it, but once a spa is installed and vulnerable to freezing, it's best to keep it up and running.

If you insist, don't be shy about RV antfreeze in the piping. You may also want to consider disconnecting the pump and bringing it indoors.

The critters (as mentioned) are another problem. Spas are great, but if you aren't into high-maintenance toys it's best to avoid them.
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winterizing portable (above ground) spas

there are some okay winterizing instructions at
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Thats a good web site. I had winerized my tub and just sucked all the water out via the shop vac ( and a spunge to mop up what little was left) . but a the turkey baster would have come in handy! My tub allows access to the motor, and there are two valves to drain the pump itself. Did not think of using RV anti-freeze, but I guess thats a good idea also. I also put a tarp over the cover. It seamed to survive OK.

Go luck


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