Hot Tub- Install inside or outside


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Hot Tub- Install inside or outside

We are having a 16 X 19 sunroom (3 glass sides, shingle roof) installed on the back of my house. We are also buying our first hot tub and are getting mixed feedback on whether to install the tub in the sunroom or install on a deck outside the sunroom. We live in North Central NC with 4 fairly distinct seasons and want to comfortably use both the room and tub year round.

Several friends are saying having the tub in the sunroom will limit what else we can use it for, plus the potential problems with humidity. Wife does not like the idea of walking onto cool/cold deck in the winter.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, is there a truly "portable tub" that could be used inside in winter, drained and outside on the deck in spring thru fall?
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Binary Bob
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Inside, you would need a continuous and significant exhaust flow which is a tremendous amount of heat literally thrown out the door. It's not just the humidity. The chemical smell is irritating. You would have potential for serious interior wall damage.
Your friends are correct. This would no longer be the "sunroom", it would be the "spa room".
Another interesting fact is that all cases of mycobacteria have occurred with inside spas.
Have your wife put her slippers near the hot tub so her feet won't get cold traversing the distance to the house. She may be suprised how invigorating it is.
Your "portable" idea is logical in that it would provide flexibility but I doubt you would be very happy. They run on 110, heat very slowly and are of lower comparable quality.
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Talking Separate enclosure for your spa

I partially agree with Binary Bob on his points about moisture build up and chemical odor from indoor spas. There are remedies to these however. They sell an automated vent fans with built in shutter and barometer: it only opens and runs if a certain humidity level is reached.
For chemical odor, you can significantly reduce an amount of chlorine or bromine usage by using an ozonator and/or Nature2 filters.
The one biggest advantage for having indoor spa is not to deal with cold chill when walking toward or away from spa, not to mention no chance of frozen pipes, water....less electrical bill 'cause heater doesn't have to run so much.

My buddy had his sunroom built and had the same dilemma as you did.
What he ended up doing was that he enclosed one corner of his sunroom with glass panels and door and installed his spa in there.
Only that enclosed room had a vent fan. It worked out brilliantly.

Something to think about...........
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I'm going to have to somewhat disagree with both prior posts :-)

With a properly fitted cover, humidity will only be a problem when you're using the spa. And, if the chemicals are PROPERLY maintained, there should be little odor.

While mycobacteria has only been IDENTIFIED with indoor spas, is is extremely rare, and if the spa is properly maintained (chemicals) shouldn't be a problem. It should also be noted, that these "indoor spas" were not enclosed in a separate room and fumes or mist from the spas were allowed to constantly mix with the rest of the air in the house.

Ozone. Under NO conditions should an ozonator be used indoors. Ozone can be a great respiratory irritant, and indoors can build up to very high levels. Ozone has more than 60 times the life span in cooler air, as it does in warmer water.

Speaking practically, go for the great outdoors! There's nothing like catching sight of a shooting star while soaking late at night. Wear a warm robe out to the tub and you'll only feel a chill for the few seconds it takes to get into the water. Then you have the, (not sure of the right word here), "euphoria" of comfortably sitting in hot bubbling water with snow falling all around you..... Getting out is even LESS cold. You body temp has risen to a point that you wont feel the cold in the time it takes to quickly dry off and get your robe on. MY favorite time for the hot tub is during a torrential down pour........... nothing like!
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We are hedging our bet. After much discussion, we are starting with the tub inside. The room has now grown to 16 X 34 which will help with the humidity some. We are also leaving an existing 9 X 16 slab that will be just outside the room. We are having conduit run to the slab so that it can be wired for the tub at some later date in the even we don't like it inside.

My current question deals with windows near the inside tub. The tub is going into a front corner of the room where we will only have double or single hung windows, no patio doors. If I use a 3 foot high window sill, the tub will be completely under the windows. If we use a larger window and a 2 foot high sill, the tub will have to be installed pulled away from the wall slightly to allow use of the windows. Do any building codes apply?
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hot tub

Hate to tell you of all the tubs and pools that I have worked on for the heat and cool of them inside. It always ends up put the d** thing out side or close the pool.

My .02 cent ED
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I gave that subject much thought myself. I chose to put my new spa outside, but in a cedar cabana. I live in upstate NY, and that compromise seemed the best solution for me. In your case, I would also recommend outside. Good Luck.My Spa Project
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Harry M
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I also live in NC and I have my spa outside . It is best in the cold winter . After you get out of the spa you can walk outside with really nothing and youll be warm . It gets real hot after about 20 minutes.

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