Seeking plans for homemade hot tub


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Seeking plans for homemade hot tub

Not some barrel of hot water, something practical that can be made to look good. Had anyone here gone down that road with success??

Heat using solar thermal for the water preheater
A five or six circulation ports
Two drain ports
Framing and insulating

I have a mental block on the "container" Any ideas??

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Hot Tub Plans

I am in a similar situation.

I want to build a rectangular tub, since I haven't been able to find a stock tank in the right dimensions. The pre-made wooden tubs are out of my budget, and the fiberglass ones are the wrong size and shape.

I found a book at that looks like it is promising, called "Tubbing." It supposedly has a lot of different plans for building your own hot tub. If it seems useful I could post some info. The book is out of print.

My current thinking is an open-top rectangular box made from exterior grade plywood and reinforced with angle brackets. One of the long sides will be flush to the side of the house, which will provide reinforcement and insulation. The other long side will need reinforcement to prevent bulging. The only idea I have at the moment is to frame it in on the open three sides with 2/4, with the narrow dimension contacting the side of the tub for added strength to resist bowing. Then I could insulate the spaces between the 2x4s, and face with siding. The interior would be painted with marine-grade paint and then lined with a custom vinyl liner that wraps over the top edge.

I was plannning on adding a free-standing spa pack with a controller, heater, pump, filter and probably an ozonater. There would only be one water intake, and one return. No jets, bubbles or other woo woo.

I came across an interesting company that makes a tub cover that is a solar heat collector.

I think you would probably want to add another cover at night, though they say it insulates well.

I am impatient to get the book with these plans. Not to sure about launching into building this thing straight out of my imagination.

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Homemade Hot Tub Sealing

Well, in case anyone is interested, I drew up my plan for my hot tub. It is, as I said before, a simple rectangular box, using 2x4s for framing reinforcement at the top and middle. At the bottom, the plywood base extends out from the sides to the dimension of the 2x4, so that there will be a bottom edge for the siding to attach to.

I am currently considering using Permaflex pool sealant to coat and waterproof the interior, rather than a vinyl liner. This is both for durability and cost, as a custom liner would be around $700-$900 while the sealant would be around $100 to $200. The sealant should also be more durrable, if it lives up to the advertising copy.

The sealant also can be used as an adhesive for tile, if I decide to decorate the top or something.

I would love to hear from anyone who has done this type of project.

Regards, Jessica
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Stock Tank Hot Tub

I am working on a solar heated hot tub (actually just a soaking tub). Does anyone have any ideas about using a swimming pool solar collector to heat a hot tub?
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Exclamation Have two return ports or risk an awful accident...

Raoena said "... I was plannning on adding a free-standing spa pack with a controller, heater, pump, filter and probably an ozonater. There would only be one water intake, and one return..."

For safety's sake, you MUST HAVE TWO or more separate return ports. Dozens of people have been disemboweled by DIY designs with single ports.
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im gathering ideas for a home made hot tub also. Why is there a danger from only having one return? Just curious. Anyone know anything about an in ground hot tub. I was thinking about doing one of those
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I think Reggied was refering to two inlets, people have been trapped and drowned or disemboweled from suction created by the pump.
Two water and one air inlets are recomended.
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Well, I relaize that this is a more or less dead topic, I would like to revive it since I'm working on the problem myself.
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I am looking into this myself. Being a tile contractor my plan involves a wooden framework,Floating Mud.A Paintable Membrane followed by more mud and then tile.Basically it will be a variation of the way proffessional spa companies build commercial spa's just on a smaller scale.
Finding all the pieces and parts for the plumbing jets,pump,heater etc in kit form would be nice.Anyone have a contact for these items??
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Check the link I posted previous to yours. I have all that info there already.

Wanna come build me one too? Twin Cities isn't that far from St. Louis, only like, what 12 hours?
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Dealers and private parties toss out old spas on a regular basis. Consider scouting the papers for 'free' ads or really cheap prices on an old spa.

The smaller ones will fit in the back of a U-Haul.

If you can't move it yourself the spa guys will charge $300 upwards to move it.
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cheap tub idea

What are your thought on this .
Use a stock tank like one of these
then use two 300 watt heaters like these plumbed inline for heating
with a pump like this
to circulate the water
any thoughts on this????
My thought is these heaters and pumps can do fish tanks up to any size.
With a pump that could turn a 100 gallon stock tank over 9 times in an hour
with the heat source in line - wouldn't that work just fine???

Cheap tank ( about 100.00 )
heaters 2 of them( 100.00 )
Pump 1 (75.00 )
pvc to plump (20.00)
Total 295.00
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so it looks like the heaters only go up to 96F - so any ideas on another heat source?
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A 250 to 450 gallon tub will usually have a 5500 watt heater; slightly more than an electric water heater. Tubs usually warm up a few degrees per hour.

There are hotter elements available, such as 11000 watts, but they are the exception.

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I have a few ideas floating there so far as heaters, and a deeper tub than the stock tank.
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I'm going to be sharing my water between pool and spa with a set of diverters and valves.

Right now the pool is running a Sta-Right 400k BTU nat gas heater.

This can heat a hottub up in aproximately 1/2 hour.

Remember when sizing your heater, you're time-to-soak is pretty much
directly related to the BTU/h output.

Also I Highly reccomend a solar cover at least for the summer months.

My pool cover keeps my pool at a constant 92 F during the summer with no
help from the gas heater.
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I've moved that part of my site:
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plans and more for inground spa / hot tub

anyone looking for plans or help making an inground spa / hot tub should stop here.

Setting all the safety stuff aside, the spas made from info gathered on this site can be very beautiful. Just take a look at the pics when you get there.

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