tax credit for spa


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Question tax credit for spa

Hi everyone,
I have another question not sure if anyone can help me or not... Thought I give it a try ;-)
My husband and I are looking into hot tubs and I ran across something on the Internet that someone had said that they were able to get a tax credit or not have to pay sales tax on their Hot tub purchase because they had gotten a prescription from their doctor saying the person needed a spa for medical reasons.
My doctor has been suggesting I get one for years, but I never knew it could maybe be a tax credit or save on sales tax. We live in GA. Has anyone ever heard of this and what it means.
Thanks again. Catz
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Why not if you have a prescription from your doctor. Go for it ED
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If your Doctor will write the prescription, go for it. You may even be able to get your medical insurance to pay some of the cost.
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Lightbulb My Two Cents

Hello: Catz

May be a wise idea to talk to your tax advisor first. Also contact your state tax office. Some energy companies have the info or the phone numbers to call.

Not all of the money may be tax deductable. The state tax office would have the info on that issue.

Hear-say is not worthy to base the pre purchase choice on. Even with a doctors prescription note, it would be wise to contact the state tax office, federal tax office and the your tax advisor.

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