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Smile spa questions

Hi everyone! My husband and I have been researching and looking around for sometime now at spas. We have looked at HS, D1 and Marquis all in our area, live in GA. an hour south of Atlanta. We didn't like the looks of the Marquis at all inside or out (just our opinion, I'm sure its a good spa) We also didn't like the heaters on the Marquis or D1's. (again just out opinion)
Heres the thing..we were going to get a Sovereign or Bengal 1.65 HP(mainly because we thought we wanted a lounge but after wet testing was unhappy with the smaller pump and the floating while in the lounge, although it wasn't as bad as some) we also read on these sites that others have decided against the lounges for the same reason
Then tested the Vanguard, we were both impressed with the larger pump 2.5 HP ..we love the Moto-Massage.. .we have decided on the Vanguard..thing is..

its a 2003 model and includes everything..cover, cover lift, steps, ozone system, probably other things I can't remember right at this moment...its the pearl color and LED light (which I realize it only for looks but we both like it) anyway we have been given a price of $7800 includes everything even tax...Is this a good price? Has anyone else bought a 2003 Vanguard and had any problems with it? Does anyone know if theres going to be any new changes to the 2004 Vanguards?

Also can anyone tell me what is the "face plate for the Moto-Massage" that I've seen some people talk about on these sites that they seem to have gotten with the 2002 or 2003 models?

We were alittle concerned with keeping the pearl color clean but its just the 2 of us mainly and are son is grown and we don't have any little ones to be getting in and out of it with dirty we think we should be okay with that part ;-)

I know I've asked alot of questions but hope someone out there has the answers. Thanks for everyones help ;-)
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Hi: Debbie

Price isn't or shouldn't be the only concern, in my opinion. After sale warranty, furture parts availability and service should also be considered.

Having a dealer locally would be ideal based on the above. If the Vanguard brand & model are to your liking, than the price is right.

To determine the brand and model rating, try reading consumers digest reports and those types of independant testing reports. In my opinion, they provide non biased and or non opinionated facts.

Not sure what info you want regarding the "face plate for the Moto-Massage." Care to explain in further details? A problem with it, etc?

Color is again a personal choice. Cleaning it or keeping the interior clean should not pose any problems based upon the intended use. Plenty of cleaning chemicals for that purpose.
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I've got an olde Hot Spring Sovereign and love it. I was faced with a similar decision many years ago. The Hot Springs was more expensive than many other brands (especially thos with the shiney marbled looking plastic) but it has held up very well over the years. It has survived two moves and many parties

Over the years, I've become a bit of a hot tub snob. I've found that the horse power rating does not mean much. The Hot Springs seems to use an efficient pump so you get a lot of bang for your buck. I also like spa's that have "open" type seating. I don't like the heavily molded and contoured seats that make you sit one way as if in a chair. In the water you tend to float and move more freely so I don't like to be confined to a "chair". I hate chlorine and bromine. I LOVE the ozone system with a silver ion sanitizing system. It works great, no skin irritation, no smell, no taste to the water, and you only add a shock treatment once a week.

Just remember to put the remote controls for your TV and sound system in a Ziploc bag. They will end up in the water at some point.

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