swimming pool freezing in july


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swimming pool freezing in july

Hi I would like to know if anyone has any ideas about warming a pool that sits in the shade.My backyard is nothing but shade so in july in NY its still freezing cold.I only went in in twice last year and 1 time the year before.We were looking into the solar panels but you have to have sun somewhere for it to work fist.Wright or wrong?If we put it on the roof how will the water move thruogh it.Any ideas are welcomed.Thanks.
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Check this link:


Some good info on locating solar, etc. I installed one of their DIY systems 4 years ago and have been very pleased with it. The system "T"'s into your existing pump plumbing with a selector valve. Don't have a summer heating problem down here, but the solar extends the swim season by a month in the spring and fall.
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If you have the roof for it go for the solar for sure. It cost a little more that the heat pumps and gas boilers for the pools . But thats it from there on its free heat. Its best if you have a roof to the south or west to put them on.
Have had solar now on 3 pools here and it works just fine. On my daughters pool we put 12 panels on it. The other day they had 86o water. Our nights have been down about 50o here. They have been in the pool from February. With mine here I could just get 4 panels on the roof and the pool water is 76o. Kids swim in it but to cold for me. Also in the summer we turn it off. and if the water gets too warm we turn it back on and run the pump at night to cool it down.

The pool pump you have will work ok. you just T in on the line from the filter to the pool. For sure and use a JANDY valve there. Dont forget a unloader valve on it up there so it will drain down for the winter


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