A Hot Tub Question


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Question A Hot Tub Question

My Fiance and I just bought a house, and in the backyard is a hottub! The old owner said he bought it just 2 years ago.

However I know nothing about these types of things, and am curious how much maintenance will need done. Unfortunatly I don't know anything about the tub itself, I know it holds 7 people. However I don't know brand or anything, we don't get the house for another week yet...
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Id see if I can find a book on the one you have on line. Home depot and lowes both have the test kit you need to check on the water in it . If it runs ok all you have to do is check the water .You can also have a filter in there that you may have to keep clean.

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When you get into the house let us know more about the spa.

Chlorine is the olde tried and true sanitizer. Depending on the size of your tub you would add a few tablespoons each day, and shock it hard once a week. There is a special chlorine for hot tubs/spas. Don't use regular pool chlorine. The hot water breaks it down too fast. Chlorine also has a strong smell, is tough on your skin and can bleach your bathing suit (if you wear one).

Bromine such as Broma Spa is a bit better. It doesn't smell but it does give the water a taste and requires regular applications and shocking.

I'm a big fan of ozone and silver ion. It is more expensive up front since you need to install an ozone generator. A silver ion cartridge goes in the filter chamber of your spa. The ozone and silver ion take care of your daily sanitizing and you just add a shock treatment (non-chlorine) once a week. The water doesn't smell or have a taste and it's much easier on your bathing suit. The ozone does make your spa cover brittle (about the same as chlorine).

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