calium on spa arylic


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calium on spa arylic

I was away on vacation for 2 weeks, only to return to a spa with a severe chemistry problem. The acrylic had what seemed to be some type of calcium or something adhered to it......and this wasn't something that i could just wipe is really stuck to can take your fingernail and scrape it off, but it is everwhere.....with a few spots that it is really caked on. I have tried a few different cleaners, with mixed results. I don't want to damage the shell anymore that i might have already?

Has anyone run into this before? or have a product or idea?

I have used fantastic spray, the spa cleaner from the pool store and that orange out stuff....all have worked about the same.

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How about Lime a way give it a try there. Also any shower cleaner for lime and calcium.

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well, i went and bought about every kind of calcium and lime remover they had....well, except for lime away...they didn't ahve it....but i bought CLR, Kaboom and Simply Green. So I am hoping that one if not all of them will help. I am not so worried about losing the luster of shine of the acrylic at first. I can worry about that second. I just want to get it back smooth again. I bought some no abrasive sponges too....

thanks for the advice. I will report on my progress.
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WAIT !!!!!!!! Don't scrub.

IF it is calcium, lower the pH to 6.5 for about one day and the calcium will re-dissolve back into the water. Drain the spa, refill, and you should be set to go.

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