DE coming out of returns


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DE coming out of returns

I have a Purex Triton nautilus FNS 60 DE filter.I have never taken out the grids yet the thing is about 3 years old.I backwash and add the DE like it says but lots of DE comes back out of the returns.
I used to put clorinator tabs in the skimmer and even dry chorlonie do you think I might have messed it up?I know there are no holes from being on the cement. what else could cause DE to come out the returns.Thanks for your help.
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Think you need to pull your grids for a good cleaning and inspection. Only way the DE should come out the returns would be a bad grid or if there is some sort of filter bypass that opens when back-pressure is excessive. Suggest you cease introducing your chlorine at the skimmer. What you are doing that way is creating an extremely corrosive environment in your entire system (pump/filter). At the very least, I suspect you are going to cut the life of the pump considerably. Whether your method of chlorinating is at the root of the DE problem is anybody's guess. You need to either get a floating chlorinator or install an in-line feeder. The feeder is installed as the last component prior to the return line to the pool, downstream of the pump and filter.
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I dont know that filter. But Id start with the plates and see how good they are. Thats why I like the jacuzzi DE filter best take it out wash the plates put it back and just 3 cups of DE is all. You dont want to put the chlorine there in the skimmer for sure. I use liquid chlorine added in the pool water before it goes to the pump and filter. Put my daughters pool on the salt set up for the pool they have used 40lb of salt in the pool is all in 1 &1/2 years now no chlorine at all. Think Im going that way also .

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I removed the grids (8) today I found two bad had a hole in it were the tube is and the other the edge was weak.I went and bought all new ones and am going to keep the ok ones as spares.
Thanks a million and by the way if anyone cares the grids are 32 bucks each at Leslies.

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