new pool construction costs.


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new pool construction costs.

I had a pool built on my existing house 3 years ago with diamond brite and the same shape as the one I would like to build at my new home which is under construction. It cost me 11k 3 years ago. my new home the estimate from the comunity builder cam in at 24k for these features.

 28 x 13 Grecian Design with Quartz Interior Finish\Color Choice
 3-0 x 5-0 Pool Depth
 352 SF. of Deck Area
 Deck and Lanai Covered with Flo Crete/Color Choice
 Mansard Screen Enclosure, White or Bronze, 2 Doors
 Barrier Fence
 All Standard Features (see attached cover)
 Permitting and Taxes
 On Site Pool maintenance and equipment instruction/Owners Manual


Salt Chlorinator $1,680.00
In Floor Cleaning System $2,880.00

It seams a little high for what I am getting. Can the extra concrete around the pool and a 20x35 screened lanai realy cost 14k more or am I paying the cost of the pool contractors contract with the community builder to be the sole pool contractor for the builder.
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A lot is where you are at for cost.But for here by me its in the ball park on the pool. Daughter just had one put in. 15'X30' 3' to 6'deep. Diamond Brite. Deck 24'X38'we use a spray crete on the deck full screen 2 doors, two swim outs. pump ,filter. skimer 4 returns jets. intake for pool cleaner we use a kreeply Krauly all the time. Have in all the pools Ive had and now.Came in at $26,000 and that was with the salt chlorinator its cost on the bill was $850.
a pool cleaner like I use Kreeply is about $450. They did pay $1600 on top here for 12 panels put in for the solar heat works good. A break down on a screen over a pool here 3 sides 4th the home 2 doors $3500 to $4000.

Hope this helps some .
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Hi doofdog , I go along with Ed here as pertaining to " location " I live in So California land of the fruit and nuts, & wannabe's that pool would no doubt run you $30,000

one recommendation, forget the add expense of the floor cleaning system,
all the added plumbing iss expensive, for starters, you generaly need a larger pump , to effectualy make the system work, and its potentially a problem area waiting to happen all those pipes more places for future leaks, and the kicker most of the ones ive seen & worked on do not do that good of a job. have a dedicated 1 1/2 " suction line installed for a suction side cleaner [ uses no electricity, runs during the time your filter runs] there many manufacturers on the marker, hayward makes the navigator wich works well in most pools, buy the chlorine generator for sure, and the money you save on the in ground cleaning system, [ eespecially if you have a spa utilizing the same equipment ] a compool inhouse pool / spa automated control system, you don't want to go stumbling around in the dark / cold turning on the pump flipping switches, turning valves , its all done automatically for you, you have all the controls inside your home, and on top of all that the system has freeze protection so when them temps drops to freezing the pumps come on automatically.

lol steve

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