Chlorine Tablets vs Chlorine Sticks

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Question Chlorine Tablets vs Chlorine Sticks

We have an inground pool (first year ever had a pool) and are using 3" stabilized chlorine tablets in our skimmer baskets. We just got the chlorine level right and a pool guy told us not to use chlorine in the baskets unless we us smart sticks. He said this would damage the PVC piping since it is constantly desolving, whereas the smart sticks only dissolve when water is running over it (when filter is on).

When I checked a catalog it showed the description for chlorine sticks and tablets was the same "slow dissolving".

Since we already have a supply of 3" stabilized chlorine (at $50+), we bought a floating device ($8) and put the 3" tablets in that (Wednesday). Now today (Thursday) our chlorine level is almost non-existant.

I believe that since the 3" tablets are "stabilized" slow dissolving, they tend to only dissolve when water is rushing over them and therefore less likely to dissolve in the floating device then in the skimmer baskets (2).

Any experienced pool advice about this for us? The pool is only in it's 3rd season and I don't want to damage any plumbing.

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First check on that float you have most have it so you can put more holes in it so the chlorine can get out faster. Use the float and the tabs you have now. But Id look at other ways

For sure dont put the tablets in the skimmer.

You might look into liquid chlorine . I have use it all the time here and just one time a year add stabilizer to the pool. That way it cost me about .85 cents a gal. Home depot is the best here for muractic acid for the pool.keep the PH down. I take it you have the little test kit 4 in 1 for the pool

My daughther just put a pool in last year and made it a salt pool that turns the salt into the chlorine.Little over a year now and have put in only 40 lb of salt. the unit runs for $850 to $1200

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Hi there , maby a little late but maby this will help ?

sounds like you are talking about Trichloro chlorine, ? Sticks, Tabs, or Granular its the same , they are a compound containing conditioner, having a low ph of apx. 2.6 not harmful to pvc scd. 40 however very detrimental to polyproplyene [ fittings used in some skimmers] where the use black polyproplyene for plumbing , the main problem with putting those chems in the skimmer is the metal parts in your plumb wil be destroyed in time [ read heater, brass valves ] and you will have metal staining on the surface of the pool, also if you place them in a floater , be sure to tie the floater to a stationary area if it is allowed to float around it can still wind up in front of the skimmer or rest over the top step and " burn / discolor the plaster< or pucker / bleach the liner [ dependingg upon your pool type , you didn't say ]

If it was me I would buy a clorine generating system, Autopilot brand.

lol steve

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