Do folks really use whirlpool tubs ?


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Do folks really use whirlpool tubs ?

We live in a 1935 house in an affluent, not rich, suburban neihborhood in the Northeast. We're having a contractor upgrade our two smallish upstairs bathrooms, without moving walls or drain pipes. We were wondering about the desirability of adding a whirlpool-type bathtub, with either water- or air-jets.

A tub like this seems to add $1,000-5,000 or even more to the initial cost. Worse, they seem to contribute to unreliability (pump/fan and control failures), maintenance (regular cleaning), water use (for cleaning), and energy use (for water heating) significantly.

The offset to this are the supposed benefits. I know that they can feel good when you use them. But, how much do people really use these things ? Why don't people use the ones that are installed (cold water?, unsanitary conditions?) ? What features seem necessary to make people use them (in-line water heaters, special jet controls) ?
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Hi, Before you spend the bucks find a motel with one and give it a test drive. My wife and I did and were sure glad we did't waste the money.
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Our tub just sits there now and we use the shower. just tired of it in short time.Go all out for the shower and forget the tub. Put two heads in it. now , Look at a hot tub out side later on

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We rarely used the one that was in our old house. Fortunately we didn't have any mechanical problems, but It took too long to fill and it was un-romantically noisy. In general, it seemed to be a big waste of water and other resources. But they sure look sexy in those design magazine pictures! We now have a "portable" spa outdoors its filled, hot and ready to go. Once you establish a routine for maintaining the water, its a snap. I use it daily and my wife uses it about three time a weak.

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