Above ground pool questions


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Above ground pool questions

I bought my house two octobers ago, and it had an 18x25 pole pool. When we bought the house, I kinda noticed that the pool looked a little off level, but we closed it for the winter a week after we moved in so I didn't really think anything of it. That winter, from lack of knowledge and forethought, ice and snow weight subsuquently burst the liner and spilled 10000gallons of water in my yard. No big deal really.

Last spring I got a new liner and installed it. Too my suprise the pool was quite off level, approxamitely 3 inches longways, and worse yet, the low point is right where the seam for the wall is. I didn't do anything about, we used the pool as it was last summer, with no problems, and loved it.

I went to buy a new cover at the end of last season and while I was there told the guy the above story. He said I had to drain the pool for the winter or it would probably break, and worse yet, I'll have to get a new liner next(this) year after I get the level problem fixed.

Long story, sorry. I have two questions.
1. can pool liners really only be used once like that? Once you drain it it has to be replaced?(Not that it matters, I already ripped out that liner, just curious)

2. Can I do the leveling myself(if so, any tips on how?), or should I get a pool company to come in and do this for me.
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I dont see why you cant level the whole thing out yourself. Just get some sand in for it. Get just a water level with a hose on it from home depot or lowes and go for it. On the liner dont know how they hold up in the cold there.


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