Help New Spa Keeps Tripping Breaker


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Help New Spa Keeps Tripping Breaker

I have a brand new spa only used two days and it trips the breaker suddenly after less than one hour of use. If you let it sit for an hour or two and reset the breaker it will operate perfectly for 30-40 mins. and suddenly shut down without warning. Heater is not on. No warning lights on panel before it does this. Filters are not clogged. When you reset the 50amp GFCI breaker the spa panel will flash for less than a second and the breaker trips immediately. The wall mounted breaker box for the spa was installed by a licensed electrician up to code. It must be something in the spa that is tripping the breaker. I have to wait now for a service tech and need to know if anyone has an idea before I get stuck with a lemon!
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Id get the electrician back right now to check his work out . He can tell you if its the spa or not. It can be in the motor, set 30 min and then it runs.

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Unhappy Still tripping

Thanks, Ed! I had the electrician out yesterday and he called the spa dealer. The spa was pulling 45.5 amps so they decided the 50amp GFCI wasn't enough and that I should get a 60 amp. I was determined that they were wrong because it would only trip after being run for awhile and then couldn't be reset until the spa cooled down. So thank goodness the spa tripped the breaker before the electrician left and he pulled the wires and found that L1 was shorted to ground and it was not the breaker but the pump! I'm glad I stood my ground and got him to stay longer. Now I have to wait for the dealer to send out a repairman who still does not want to believe they have a defective pump! Funny they were sure in a hurry to sell me the spa but it takes a week to get a repairman out here! I will let you know what they find incase the info might help someone else with a spa problem.

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