DIY solar pool heater


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DIY solar pool heater

So i've done a search on the net and read a few threads on here about solar pool heating, but i still don't quite get it. I want to build one, myself, but as of this moment all i understand is that you need some kind of solar panels mounted high facing the sun, and you redirect your filter pump past them and back into the pool to warm the water? Where can you get these panels? How should i mount the panels toward the sun if the sun is always in a different place throughout the day? And i read something about a box? I am confused, if anyone has some time could you explain it in detail, enough so that i could go out and get the materials and at least make an attempt at building something that resembles a solar pool heater????
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Lets say I have tried solar my way and dont do it or try it.The cost is very high for you to try and build a good one. Just buy the panels and put them up there on the roof thats not hard. You can go as far as an electric control valve on it or go like I have . With just a Jandy type valve in the return line to the pool past the filter. You also need a check valve in the up and down line to and from the solar. I have
solar panels on my pool now and have had them on 2 other pools also. If the water get to hot in the summer you can run your pump at night and that will cool it down for you. For a mid size pool it takes about 12 panels for it. Go to any search here on the web and you can find them. You cant build anything like them for the btu they get for that cost.

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Why not just trap the solar energy efficiently as heat to start with?
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You might check these guys out if you haven't already stumbled across them. Theirs is the DIY system I installed 4 years ago.

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