Homemade preasure tester?/Fixaleak


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Homemade preasure tester?/Fixaleak

I think I have a leak in my return line. After pump is running for the day I notice fine dirt on the pool bottom just in front of the return. I believe that water is being forced out into the surrounding ground while the pump is running and at night the dirt and silt seeps back into the leak and when the filter kicks on its putting this dirt into the pool where it collects on the bottom. Or the dirt is being sucked in while the filter is running. Of coarse these lines are under 4 inches of concrete. Does any one have a homemade preasure tester that they would like to share their plans with me? Also has anyone tried Fixaleak www.fixaleak.com and if so their comments.
Thanx Jimmy
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Put a rag around a water hose and stuff it into the pipe. plug the other end. Thats what we do most of the time. Looking for a leak.

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o.k. then how do I see the leak if its under 4 inches of concrete?
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pressure tester

i've made a few of them...the parts are: 1- 11/2in male adp--- 1 1/2 in. pvc pipe, one maybe 2 ft long and one about a ft. long --1 1/2 in. pvc ball valve---1 1/2 in pvc slipx slip cpl---a 1 1/2 x 3/4 in. pipe threaded reducer---a fitting that has 3/4 in pipe threads on one side and garden hose threads on the other----1 washing machin hose( the kind with female ends on both sides).---1 pressure gauge like the one on top of your filter...put this together like this.....1. glue the 2 ft pvc pipe into the male adp. then glue the valve onto the pipe..then the shorter pipe into the valve then the slip onto the pipe..then the reducer into the slip and put the garden hose fitting into the reducer (use tefon tape on the threads) then put the washing machin hose onto the pipe...drill and tap the long pipe about 6 in. from the valve for the gauge... ok now you have to look at your system and hopefully you have a multi-port or something you can close the system with(closing off the return lines) if not maybe have to cut the pipe and glue a cap on to it...once you get that done...you can either get a threaded 90 to put into your wall return (plug all the other ones your not useing)thread the 90 into the one your useing or thread the tester straght in it's self...hook your garden hose upto the tester close the valve turn on the water...slowly open the valve untill about 20 lbs of pressure reads on the gauge...when it does .close the valve and watch the gauge to see what it does...stays still .no leak...drops slowly liitle leak..fast .big leak...hope this helps .and hope you can understand it.first time posting here
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