installing and relocating pool equipment

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installing and relocating pool equipment


i am installing new FILTER, HEATER, and PUMP for my 20,000 gallon in-ground pool. these are the specs of the new equipment:

- filter is hayward 64sq/ft
- pump is hayward rs 1000, 1 HP (87 GPM)
- i chequed with my pool store and the heater is the right one for the pool size. i forgot the brand and make, but it's the right one (i bought it last week)
i have an old (but otherwise working fine) .75 pump that runs the POLARIS

ALL piping (ins-outs) for the new equipment is 2-inch in diameter.

i am relocating the pool equipment. with the relocation, the SUCTION LINE will run 18-feet from the pool to the pump. the RETURN LINE will run 20-feet from the heater to the pool.

i have the existing 1 1/2-inch COPPER pipes for both the suction (out from the pool's skimmer) and return line (the one dumping water in the pool.) these are the ones the pool had when i bought the house. they are fine and have no leaks. during construction of a guest house, i cut the old copper pipes and left about 5 feet of copper pipes coming out of the pool (suction and return.) now, i would like to CONNECT the 2-inch PVC pipes (so it's the same diameter as the ones the new filter, pump, and heater have and require) to the old 1 1/2-inch copper pipes.

keeping in mind the RUN for the SUCTION and RETURN i have indicated above. the fact that the equipment will be installed at WATER LEVEL (i have read somewhere that the height of pump above water affects the output of the pump) that both lines - SUCTION and RETURN - will have a 45 degree turn along the way, and the equipment specs i mentioned,

where would it be best to connect the 2-inch PVC pipes to the old 1 1/2-inch copper pipes for both suction and return? near the pool (so i would attach the PVC pipe to the copper pipe and the lenth of the run to/from the equipment would be mostly 2-inch PVC pipe? or near the equipment (i would buy new 1 1/2-inch copper pluming and connect it to the old one. run it to the euipment and adapt it to the 2-inch PVC to the pump (suction) and heater (return.) with this option, the length of the run would be 1 1/2-inch copper.

as far as water flow, does it affect to do this transition from 1 1/2 inch to 2-inch diameter? what would work best?

what type of adaptor should i buy to connect the copper pipe to the PVC?

i apologize for the lenghty explanation, but i wanted to make sure you understood what the situation is. i hope i have succeeded.

thank you.
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Id just solder on a adapter male to pipe on the copper and go PVC back to the pump from there and the return also. to the pump Id make it 1 1/2" till the pump .But the return I make it 2" to the copper. You dont worry about how high the pump is on the pools.

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hi, just read your post so my post is after the fact, Personally I don't like to make a copper / pvc connection under ground , however follow Eds advise an use a male fitting on the copper and a female fip adpt. on the pvc. don't " kill " the pvc by overtightening it after making the connection use a stainless steel clamp around the pvc fitting where it screws on to the male copper fitting threads, snug this up and then completely wrap black pipe wrap around this connection, also I would transition to 2 " at hhease points for both suction and return as the increase in pipe size allows for less restriction to water flow , mmmm good the filter [ not that it matters is a 60 or 72 they don't make a 64, however 60 sq. ft. is plenty , the pump is a little small for my liking, depending on the pump model [ you didn't say ] hayward super I I or max - flo ? ? the max-flo is inferior to the super II largest pump in the hayward pumps, id use would be, 1.5 hp super II or 2.0 hp max-flo , if you are refering to a hayward northstar then 1.0 hp is fine.

hope this helps, ? steve

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