HELP?! NOISE from neighbor's HOT TUB


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Question HELP?! NOISE from neighbor's HOT TUB

I am unable to sleep due to noise and vibrations coming from my upstairs neighbor's hot tub, which is on their balcony above my bedroom. The hot tub unit is probably quite old, and I am hoping that modern technology has developed a way to reduce the noise. Before approaching them about the problem, I would like to have possible solutions to propose. Does anyone have any ideas regarding insulation or new equipment? THANKS.
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The biggest problem is likely to be sound that is transmitted via the structure of the building which you're going to have regardless of how well insulated the unit itself is. Only thing I can think of to try would be to see if you can get them to put some heavy rubber matting under it. Home Depot and/or Lowe's has stuff that is about 3/4 inch think and locks together to form a single piece, reasonable priced, too. Beyond that I would complain to the landlord. You might alos see if the neighbors can't put a timer on the spa so that it would not run in the middle of the night. If they have a cover on it for insulation, there's really no reason to run it 24/7.
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Hi, something that bothers me, you didn't mention how long the spa has been up there on the balcony, and does the land loard know 1. its there & considering most spas are 300 gal of water were looking at gal water 8.333 pounds x 300 = 2499 lbs thats 1 ton and almost 1/4 ton of water over your bed. I would definitely persue it. your landlord is ultimately & his ins. responsible. however that wouldn't let me sleep any better.

lol steve
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I'd get my own type of "hot tub". A real real noisy one. Ha ha.

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