have to choose 1 of 2 whirlpools - help?


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have to choose 1 of 2 whirlpools - help?

Hi - we're down to choosing between two Kohler models, chosen because they're the ONLY ones we could find that were 5' x 32, have a long bottom (45-46") for comfortable sit,, and are short in height (17-18") for easy step-in out:

1) Proflex 6032 - acrylic,1-speed, optional heater $700

2) memoirs 5' - cast iron, multi-speed, heater included. $2300

we don't expect to use the whirlpool a lot - is acrylic all that bad? Is multi-speed all that important?

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Personally, I would think that if you are not going to use your wp tub a lot that the Memoirs is not worth the additional $1600. Sure multi-speed sounds good, but if you are only going to use it occasionally then a one speed jet feels better on your sore muscles than no jet at all.

If you plan to take a LONG wp bath, then the heater is a good idea. It won't raise the water temperature any higher than what originally came out of the tap, but it will keep it a constant temperature. Without the heater if you took a long bath you would have to drain a little water out and add fresh hot water from the tap every so often. If that would annoy you, the heater is a good addition.

As far as acrylic goes, it is a good material and most of your wp tubs are made of it. In 30 years your cast iron wp tub will probably still be around in relatively good shape having given you no worries. I don't know what to say about the acrylic after that length of time.

Do you have an actual 'hot tub' elsewhere in/out of the house that you might/will be using? If so, I would DEFINITELY say the Memoirs is not worth the extra $$$.
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thanks! I appreciate it - i really don't want to go the memoirs route...

we have HARD town well water - will the acrylic stain worse than the cast iron?

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