Mosquitoes in abandoned pool

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Mosquitoes in abandoned pool

My neighbor is recently deceased. He left a swimming pool filled with water. Of course with no pool maintenance, mosquitoes are ruining our evenings. His survivors are never around to discuss the problem. The county seems uninterested in the problem.

Is there something that I can toss into the pool to keep the mosquitoes at bay?
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Pools are not my area of expertise but one would think that a chlorine level that pools are normally at, would not be a good environment for mosquito larvae.

Not sure if I would want to be paying for the chlorine though.
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My idea

Here's the one that worked in my pool cover when I knew it would be a few weeks until I opened the pool. Minnows. Bait minnows. As large as you can afford, as many as you can afford. I bought a dozen big ones and three dozen little ones at a local bait shop. (If you have a bait minnow pail, bring it to the shop. If not, bring a cooler. They charge like $3.00 for a tiny little styrofoam minnow cooler, which was almost more than the little minnows.) No more larvea in a week. Hopefully, there's enough oxygen in the water to kep them alive for a week.

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Try a cup or two of just diesel oil "IF "you can it works.
Put in about 3 bags of pool shock.

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Yes. A company called Arbico ( sells something called "mosquito dunks" They look like little doughnuts. You can just toss a half dozen into the pool from your side of the fence and in a week or two, the mosquitos will be gone. They are $12 for 6. (I'm not affiliated with Arbico in any way other than a customer of almost 40 years.) The dunks contain a bacteria that kills the mosquito larvae, but are harmless to humans.
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Minnows or goldfish, that's what I have suggested in the past.

You will float the bag of fish for a few hours until the temps equalize, then open up and release them to their new home.

Goldfish are carp, carp are bottom feeders. They will do fine, even under a layer of ice.

Old pools in Arizona are making that state the ground zero of West Nile Disease, I cannot understand why the local authorities are ignoring your pleas.

Or, you can cut out the bottom of the pool using a box knife on a stick. It will take time for the water to drain. When it gets low enough cut up the liner into manageable pieces and dispose of them. If you do this the pool wall will most likely collapse during the next windstorm.

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