Pump Increase?


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Pump Increase?

I have finally had the time to wire our spa. I am just wondering is there any way to increase the flow out of the jets. I am familiar with waterfalls and such. I'm hopeing I can do this without changing piping.
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Lightbulb Did you get the manual?

The spa I have, after re-reading the manual, found that there are adjustments for each jet for the pressure. Is the thing a 2-speed pump? if not, you might be stuck with it. Is this a spa or a bath tub? your other posting said it only has 7 jets.

Try seeing if the jets have adjustments on them ( on mine, you can rotate the collars to increase or decrease the pressure.) Also on mine, there is another adjuster which controls which jets gets the pressure. I had to play with both to get the pressure out the jets. ( also, can only have a few jets with high pressure, but able to select which ones they are.)

On a side note. did it really cost $250 for the GFI? Things are ALOT cheaper down here! How is life back in the Great-White-North, Eh?

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