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Here's the part I don't understand about pool installation?

Here's the part I don't understand about pool installation?


Old 08-17-04, 12:28 PM
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Need Help understanding who to go to for a pool (Kit plus Contr.) or Pool Company?

As a thought and gift to my sisters family after I move in with them and basically redo their basement which will kind of take a lot from the kids, I was thinking of installing a pool and I know they would love that as would I and so would my sister. She initially looked into when they first moved to Central Indiana as they got a house with a fantastic flat lot. It's fenced in -ready to go. She told me pools there are just way to ex*****e. Viewing kits on the internet - I see a decent sized pool "kit" anywhere from 5K to 9K depending on the company and what you add.

I searched a lot of these posts and you all are big do it yourselvers. What I need to know is - if I chose a pool company in that area of the country am I looking at 20K or do I find a general contractor and buy the kit for 7 or 8 and pay the contractor and then what does the contractor end up costing. It seems to me, it would make more sense to go right to a pool company that does everything that way they are responsible for everything but then I guess I'm looking at paying a fortune and I guess that is my question to the forum. Has anyone paid for have the whole thing done, the dig, the installation, all by the "pool company" and how much did it run to have the entire theing done.

Thanks for any informationa and if by any miracle I've found someone who knows of a reputable fair pool company in Central indiana, please let me know - no big hurry, just would love to know if I'm going to be able to do it.

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Old 08-17-04, 04:41 PM
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lets say for down here. A 15'X30 all done runs like $24k Ready to jump into with filter, pump but no screen.This is gun in cement and a marcite finish good for 10 years.I have seen here up north they say like $14 to $16 for about the same pool . Id say the first thing is to check code for where you are. new codes here call for 5' fence around lot or pool. Two bottom drains on the same line so a kid cant get stuck on it. I was in on putting a lined pool in for a daughter here after 2 years we took it out and had a pool company come out and put a cement pool in. A liner pool here get about 2 to 3 years then its another $2k for a new one and lots of work.

Old 08-17-04, 07:58 PM
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If you know what you're doing, you can be your own general contarctor, and do your own design, hire your own excavator, contract your own gunite crew, tilesetter, plasterer, mechanicals, electrical, pull your own permits, etc. and save a couple thousand dollars on a $20-$30K job. Few people have the time and expertise to do this, but it has been done.

If you go with a pool company, your best bet is to attend a home improvement show in your area and talk to a few companies. Then get a list of references from each. Then contact some of the references and if possible go out and look at their pools. The ones who advertise in lifestyle magazines are generally much more expensive than perfectly good companies who rely on word-of-mouth or references for new business.
Old 08-18-04, 12:15 PM
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Maybe I'm too much a realist, but I'd recommend going with an above ground pool kit. You can buy a nice one for $5k and have it setup in a day. I realize you want to do something nice for them, but think about this: when the kids are gone who'll use the pool? who will be responsible for maintaince? I know pools are great, but having an in the ground pool means a lot of work that might only be used for a few years. There are some great above ground kits that you can have setup in a day and they are just as fun. Also, I feel they are safer for kids in that you have to climb a ladder to get in. To protect the kids you put the ladder in a shed with a lock on it. I don't know the statistics, but it seems I'm always hearing about a child drowning in a pool. And almost everyone I've ever seen has been an in the ground pool. And above ground pool is just safer around kids.
Old 09-01-04, 04:02 PM
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Central Indiana, huh?

Check out Watson's in Indy. This cool summer has put a real crimp on their sales, if you believe their ads. A 24 footer for a grand.

Indy hasn't had a "no 90" summer since 1871.

In the strictest sense, they don't 'bait and switch', they are truly up-front and honest in their dealings, more or less.

However, the cheapest pool is most likely not really in stock. The cheapest pool is to irritate the competition.

Stick to your guns and they most likely will upgrade you at no extra cost.

Just be willing to leave your phone number with the salesman and walk towards the door.

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