Hot tub removal - Please Help


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Hot tub removal - Please Help

We bought our house 1 year ago and we have a gazebo integrated into our deck that has an old Jacuzzi Quantum installed in it (the tub is sunken in so it is level with the deck). The tub is beyond repair and we would like to replace it. The various hot tub companies that we checked with would not remove our old tub and the one that said they would wanted to charge 2200 dollars because they recommended pulling out a part of the gazebo. Could anyone that has disposed of an old hot tub provide me with a perspective of how difficult it is? I was considering cutting the old tub into sections and removing it but I am not sure how big of a mess the fiberglass dust would be. I also considered dismantling all of the equipment from the tub (pump, electrical, piping) to make it lighter and easier to remove. I would greatly appreciate any advice or opinions. Thank you.
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I am in the same mess you are, maybe worse. I have a spa located on a second floor deck outside my town house. I'm still looking for a way to remove it without any success. Did you ever find a way?
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I did not receive any replies to my post and I still have the hot tub sitting in my gazebo. I decided that I will try and tackle this problem again once the weather gets nicer. If you want to subscribe to this thread I will post any advice or guidance that I come across and I would greatly appreciate it if you could do the same. Sorry that I could not be of more help right now.
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Hi wick, Hi Rita, I posted to Rita awhile back , her circumstances are different yours,

in your case if I understand you right you have a portable spa with the equipment pak [ spa-pak if you will] under the wood skirt ? ? if so the first thing to do is go to the main elecrtical panel or sub panel and remove the breaker and cut the ends off the exposed wire , screw ele. wire nuts on the ends. [ ideally you would pull the electrical wires out of the conduit , hopefully they are in a dedicated conduit] at any rate they will definitely be safe if you remove the breaker and wire nut the ends.]
having done that you can demo the equipment / spa as you choose, caution:
wear leather gloves, & a good mask, long sleeve shirt buttoned up to the top, wear some kind of hat, youll will probably use a sawzall [ reciprocating saw] and a small 4" saw note: if you don't own one home depot and others rent them, you you should be able to complete all the cutting in a half day by yourself so the rental charge should not be that great, I use a diamond blade on my 4" milwaukee grinder and it cuts like butter, another thing if you are going to pour concrete where the spa was , or build a deck, or grow grass for that matter you don't have to remove the whole spa, cut off the upper 18 " of spa , remove to dump. punch several large holes in the bottom for drainage 4 in. in diameter fill void with 3/4 " rock up to apx. 18 " from ground level fill remainder with top soil tamp well, plant grass if you like or build your deck.

The heater in this case would be electric, thus cutting all power to ele circuit your fine,

the gazebo can stay put. repair any damage you do when removing spa.

that pretty much covers it. lol steve

Rita , you need to have a professional look at your situation , get bids, that part normally is free.


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