how long do I run my pump?


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how long do I run my pump?

just bought a house with a pool inground 18x35 3 to 9 ft deep how long should i run my filter pump per day ? mike
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You have to play with it. A lot has to do with the use the sun. Right now I run mine for 6 hr a day down here in FL. as it cools off I will cut the time down to 2-3 hr per day for the winter. The other thing you have to look at is how good is the filter on the pool. Run it so the water is clean . If you have a heater are on solar then you will run it longer.

Like I said you have to play with it.

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Ed posted some pretty good suggestions,
Ideally since you have an 18 x 35 x ave depth 5.5 x 7.5 were talking 25, 985 gal. if you have a spa add 300 gal. be a little conservative and say 25,500 gal [ without spa ]

now that we have the gal we need to know the turnover rate, generally 1 X for a residential pool in 12 hrs. assuming your pump pumps 60 gal per min X 60 = 3600 gal. per hour dividing 3600 into 25,500 = 7. 08 hrs per day.

most people don't follow this rule so consider Ed's, suggestion you can get by in the winter mounths with a much shorter run time = True say 3 hrs should suffice. when the temps are between 60° to 70 ° id run the pump 5 hrs.
when the water temp is 75 ° to 85° up the time to 6 / 7 hrs 90 °and up run the pump 9 plus hrs.

NOTE: water clarity is dependant upon, 1. circulation, 2. filtration 3. correct water chemistry, remove any of the 3 , don't expect to have crystal clear pool water.

lol steve

another rule of thumb if its 60 ° run it 6 hrs if 70° run it 7 hrs and so on.

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