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Gecko M-Series Propak (horizontal heater) and circulation pump

Gecko M-Series Propak (horizontal heater) and circulation pump


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Gecko M-Series Propak (horizontal heater) and circulation pump

my summer project this year was replumbing the spa. I replaced the jets, flex-pvc and fittings, and also the anchient spa pack with a new Gecko MSPA Propak and new pump/wetend.

I just today first filled it to test for leaks. Everything is good, except when pump #1 (i don't have a second pump or circulation pump) and when the heater icon is on, i get the 3 flashing dots on the spa-side display. i believe this means low pressure, and the propak turns off the heater to prevent it from overheating. When turning pump1 on low or high, the dots go away, you hear a relay click and i assume it starts heating again.

My question, is a circulation pump required with the m-series propak??? the manual says that the cirucation pump is only supported/required with the vertical mount heater model. there are only 4 (documented) jumpers. is there a way to tell it there is no circulation pump?

Any ideas? am i going to have to buy and plumb in a circulation pump too?
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Hi Karl , Im not that fam,iliar with your specific spa - pak, however , you state that you have a 2 speed pump , normally in any spa that uses a 2 speed pump, low speed is utilized during normal filtration & heating cycle, filtration controled via a time clock electronic in your case and the heater is controlled via a thermostat, the heater will not work unless the pump is running , you stated the heater didnot work unless the pump was running either on low speed or hi speed this is normal.

the fact that you hear the relay clicking when you turn the pump on shows there is water flow, this is also the circulation pump which is common on one pump systems, to confirm trace the suction side plumbing should come from the skimmer & lower suction ftg. [ code] and return either all of the water through the heater or part [ by-pass] of the water through the heater and exiting through the jets, however you don't experience " jet action" untill the pump is on high, this saves electricity.


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