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Water leaking from blower outlet!!! HELP!

Water leaking from blower outlet!!! HELP!


Old 10-08-04, 12:24 AM
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Water leaking from blower outlet!!! HELP!

Working on a hot tub for a friend of mine. The complaint was that it would lose water when the blower was on. No obvious leaks outside the tub. I found a cracked and leaking filter housing. Replaced the housing, (after MANY hours of chipping away the insulating foam.) I never did duplicate any major leaks, just the minor filter housing leak. After telling this friend I was done, sure enough, it still loses water level. This time, I SAW the water leaking, when the blower was on. It was coming from the BLOWER OUTLET!! Pulled the hose off, and sure enough, water was draining back from the blower hoses going to the tub. There was no way water got into the blower input, I DID check that. This could have been an electrical nightmare and/or a fire! Pretty scary.

So, question is. What could be causing this? A plugged air jet? Is there a check valve between the valve and blower motor? Seems like there would HAVE to be to prevent this exact thing from happening. (Open air valve, to open plumbing, straight to blower.) Is there IS a check valve, would it be anywhere in particular, or just "wherever"? Am I going to have to chip away the foam from each air valve to find the culprit? That was NOT fun when replacing the filter.

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Old 10-18-04, 02:50 AM
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Lightbulb YUP there's a valve in thar sumwhar Pa!

There is a checkvalve inline there somewhere between the blower and the tub. The easiest fix is to simply install a new one without digging out the old one, OR add pipe or hose which goes up above the water line as high as possible and then back down then up a short bit to the blower. Then drill a small hole in the bottom of the looped pipe just below the blower, like in the picture below.

...=spacers to keep diagram lined up properly... ignore the dots
" = hole for drainage

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