Jets not working

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Jets not working

I have a hot tub not sure what make it is bought it with the house. Anyways my wife decided to clean the tub and drained all the water then cleaned the tub and filled it back with water got it heated back up and now the jets don't work . I have checked all the fuses and the pump does kick on but nothing coming out of the jets.

Any sugestion would be great.

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Of course you did check the different controls for the different jets, right? maybe she moved some of the regulators when she cleaned, try just readjusting to different settings.
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If you are not familiar with the spa I'd certainly go over all the controls and make sure the jets should be running.

If the spa was empty for a while I've seen the water evaporate out of the pumps and the minerals glue the impeller in place so it can not turn. The pump hums but does not pump.

Were the filters re-installed properly? Did anything get into the intake pipes while the filters were removed for cleaning?

If the water heated at least one pump is working to circulate water through the heater. Some spas have a small pump that runs all the time to filter and heat the water and a big one for the jets. Some motors and some control systems have breakers and thermal overload protection. Disconnect power to your spa and open the access cover to see the pumps and controls (the black box not the fancy control panel). Look for buttons (usually red) on the controls and pump. Press each button. Close up the spa and turn the power back on.
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Whenever I drain and re-fill my spa, there's 2 air valves behind one of the access panels that need to be purged. That may be your problem too.
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Your pump is air locked (filled with air). Find a way to bleed the air out of it and you'll be good to go........ Next time fill the spa through the filter and you should be ok from the start.
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Lightbulb The answer... easy fix!

Find the pump that is NOT conected to the heater.

This is the one which has no wires or anything connected to the pipe going into and out of it.

Loosen the uppermost connection and wait for "hissing" sound to stop, and water to begin leaking out, then re-tighten fitting.

Turn pump on and off quickly until water begins to flow freely.

Easy fix.

Any more questions? Email me.

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