Spa keeps draining into pool


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Spa keeps draining into pool

Recently my spa started draining into my pool when its running the auto cycle. It also drains into the pool when I try and turn the spa on. I have NO clue how to fix this. Please help. I know very very little about pool equipment. I have a compool remote inside house and i know it has jandy valves. Thanks for any help.
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Probably the seals in the jandy valves need to be replaced.
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Hi hakchi, i will try to explain try not to get lost,

there is a t type valve on the suction side of the pump, [ suction is where it goes horizontily in to the pump , [round pot with motor connected to it]

from the pump follow the pipe, it normally goes directly to the filter big round thing apx. 18" across and apx. 41/2 ft. tall from there pipe normally goes to heater [ if you have one] note there may be another t type valve between the filter and heater with another t type valve this would be the solar piping were not concerned with it in our quest for solving the problem, follow the pipe coming out of the heater, [ i know this could get tricky] it will go to another t type valve , where one side is pool return the other side is spa return, now the t type valves will be black in color the electric valve actuators are held onto the valves with 4 screws. [ the actuators turn the valve from pool mode to spa mode and back when you select spa from inside the house using your compool] ok now that you are familar with the valves go out to the equipment area and open the door to the compool, you didn't say what model you have [ compool has evolved through three types, 2000 series, 3000, series, and the newest intellitouch] Ill refer you to the 3000 and intellitouch they operate pretty much the same buth the buttons are in different places, ill explain
open the door and directly in front of you locate the button with the auto/service next to it preess this button the light which was on auto will move to service [ if any pump was running when you did this, it will shut off]
now directly below that button there is a button marked s and to the left three more stats spa / fill / drain whith the system off the handles on the valve actuators should point towards the pool position for suction and also for return, after checking if indeed this is the case, push the s button one time the spa light should light up and the valve actuators handles should point towards spa, Im concerned that the return handle is not in-line with the pipe this would indicate that when the spa is on all the water is being sucked from the spa but a portion is returning to the pool, thus "draining" it in time, or the actual valve seal inside the bkack t type valve is not sealing on the return [ same result] and another possible problem would be the spa by-pass check valve, may be needing replacement, check what i just described to you and if the valve handles are moving all the way in spa position the actuators are ok. and thats good news as they cost around $250.00 each
be sure to place the compool back on automatic the s button input will return to automatic operation also,

if you need an owners manual go to your local pool store or go on -line
Compool is the lexus of automated controls

im sorry I didn't quite finish as far as pulling the valves apart or replacing the check valve this may be a lot harder. maby time to call a repair tech.

lol steve

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