Water in hot tub backing up.


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Water in hot tub backing up.

Our tub is roughly 13 years old. It was running fine until last week. The tub basically has 9 jets with 3 returns. 2 air activated switches one turns on the light the other activates the jets pump. Beside these two push button switches are the ends of the 1" air/water line 1 for the left side of the tub the other for the right side. The water leak starts when we press on the push button for activating the jets pump(left side) The jets work but water backs up the 1 inch line then leaks at the top of the line and flows into the tubs electrical not good. I have tried blowing out the lines, checking for blockages etc. Anything else I should try.
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there might be debris in one or more jet orifices, if you have never taken out one before I suggest you lower the water apx. 8 " below the jets [ this should not be more than 16 " from the top lip of the spa, look inside the jet and you should see the orifice [ you may have to remove the eyeball first, ]
using a 7/16" 1/2" or 9/16" socket with extension slowely turn left [ counter clockwise ] as I mentioned turn slowely if you meet resistance after turning the orifice apx. 1/8" to 1/4 " stop as this may have a bayonet type thread on it and at this point will come out otherwise it is a regular screw in / out type base if the orificee will not come out or if it comes out of your socket simply turn the pump on off quickly and the orifice should be disloged into the tub. its not necessary to drain the spa to take them out only to access them or to look into the jet and visually see any debris, sticking a wire or " jet" tool into the orifice may or may not dislodge the debris,

note: if the ground is frozen or saturated with water ....DO NOT DRAIN ANY WATER OUT at this time.

lol steve

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