insulating hot tub


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insulating hot tub


I was thinking about putting insulation under the hot tub. I got R-25 "vapor -barrier" encapsulated (looks like some kind of felt bagging) batts. I was going to make sure (or at least try to make sure) that there weren't any ways for mice to get into the housing and burrow in.

Has anyone ever done this? Should I be thinking about wrapping the insulation in plastic so it won't rot? Is this a nutty idea?

Thanks for any feedback

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I am not sure I understand what you mean by putting insulation under the tub. are you going to drain then place bat on the ground then place tub on top?

First off if you use bat insulation eg. R-14 and compress it it is no longer R-14 also because of the water environment I would not use bat isulation. Secondly I don't understand why you would need more insulation since most tubs are already engineered with more then adequate insulation withing the tub itself.. If you must install more then I would suggest you use a spray expanding foam, the kind they use in window sealing, except for the fact that it sprays out of the nozzle like a spray gun wil the foam expanding quickly. You can find this in Home depot and Lowes next to the window sealing foam only it comes in a box along with a trigger spray and a short hose..

Hope this helps.
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polyurethane is the type of insulation in the other post, some manufactures use it, Hot springs being one, also Dimension spa another that come to mind it does an execellent job of insullation, check your yellow pages there may be an outfit that sprays sheds, or shuch and they could just as esaily spray your tub, you would have to drain it and turn it upside down, as far as keeping mice out those lil buggers can squeese through a very , very small hole.

lol steve

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